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Holy Spirit: Our Advocate

In the years past
There’s something lost
That love between us missing
Like drifting shadows
With days gone by
An emptiness lies within
When the clock turns back
In the books we see
Only clear pages remain
A cold stone love
But no-one knew
The other was softly crying

And still I cry
As I ponder these thoughts
But now they rest on empty shelves
For life was simple
And there was no love
So rests this idle strife

But now come closer
Let me see the real you
That has wanted to show all along
From under your facade
And shadows fade
You’re becoming as a sweet perfume
Stone bricks crumble
And they lay
But the real foundation remains
An artists touch
“Completed !” he says
And now it is

Now the real living is down where
The need remains and is
The rubble removed
And beautiful it stands there
Now capable of greater things
Certainly this beauty must remain
As a captured moment
Free from
The workings of the past



previously called “Living Now”

copyright (c) Bradley Smith. 10 June 1991.

This is an extract from the book "Seeing Through Their Eyes, Vol 1"