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Jesus: My Eulogy

I grew up in a small town
Everyone knew
I was the son of an unwed mum.

Mum and dad,
Not yet married,
“It’s a boy”, they cried
With tears of joy, but feared my fate.

Those boys I grew up with
Eyed me suspiciously,
Never trusting, not completely,
Though my brothers and sisters were normal to them.

At my coming of age day
No-one came, no-one sung, no-one danced.
They knew – they knew – and they rejected me.

So I grew up despised among my friends.
Their parents often joked about me,
“Joseph’s son”, from Nazareth.

Rejected. Despised. Hated.

And here in this cold stone tomb
My body lay wrapped in cloths,
Where six hours earlier
My flesh rotted dying on a cross.

My Father, that booming voice,
From heaven, had endorsed me just 3 years ago,
“This is My Beloved Son,
In whom I am well pleased.”

But today, as darkness closed in,
I cried, “Father, why have you forsaken me?”
And there, My spirit was broken,
My body was crushed,
And heaven’s eyes closed.

Rejected by man
Rejected by God
Despised in my death
Hated by the world.

And yet … I Am Life.

copyright Brother Brad 14 April 2017

This is an excerpt from the book "Seeing Through Their Eyes, Vol 1"