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When you walk into your promised land
And see the good things the Lord has for you
Don’t look back to your Egypt
Or be caught living that way again

But see ahead to the goodness there
Your God loves you,
You know He cares for you
Leading you up out of Egypt
Bringing you safe to your heavenly home

See the power of then Lord is working
Transforming your own life
The iron shackles broken in His sight
He set you free from Pharaoh
Cutting the bonds of bricks and straw
To a land of abundance and good fruit

Recall the past of how the Lord led you
To humble you, to show you what was in your heart
Not to rely upon your own bread
But every word that comes from the mouth of God

And He commands for you this one thing
Walk in His ways, and revere the Lord your God
He brings you to a good land
A land of blessing that will multiply.

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copyright Bradley Smith. 22 February 1993.

  • When God gives you a promise it is prudent to look forward rather than back
  • His words strengthen us to become people of faith
  • See Deuteronomy 6:10-15 for the inspiration of this song