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Sometimes I can’t explain why
Things happen as they do
Sometimes My heart feels so limp
And I cry to You
Sometimes I need Your special touch
Your comfort and your love
That reassure me of my  life in You.

Sometimes I need to seek Your face
When troubles do arise
Sometimes my my peace is broken
The day is lost to do
Sometimes I run ahead of You
Leaving You behind
But please O Lord, bring me back to You.

Sometimes I suffer from my sin
That breaks me far from You
Sometimes I see my loss
And forget Your face.
But then when I look up to You
I see Your open arms
Taking me in, forgiving me again.

Sometimes I need to draw away
And give myself to You
Sometimes Your special love
Melts my heart through and through
Sometimes I lay down at Your feet
Weeping by Your side
And there I thank You
Lord God of all
To me.


Copyright Brad Smith 27 January 1993

Written to music, key of G

G / C / G / C / G / C / G / C
G / C / Bm / C / Bm / C / Bm
C / Am / D

Ends on G