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To Victory’s End

We are the survivors
The battlers
The ones pressed down in the dirt

We’ve had our victories
Lived through losses
And shared our shame

We ache
We hurt
We endure

The odds are against us
We. Stand. Firm.

Our face is resolute
Our direction is set
The pain propels us forward

Tiredness drips from our bones
Sleep evades us
Longing for rest

But we move on
Step. By. Step.

The game’s not over
The battle is won
But not yet

We thirst for victory
Chalking up
Whiteboard runs

And cry, we must
Because defeat, we can’t
To succeed, we will

And if by chance
The rain falls,
Our seeds are planted

We expect
We hope
We pray

There – is the hope
There – is the future
There – we see it come forward

And stop, we shall
To listen, listen, listen again
To voices multitude

A chorus
A song
A roar
In the distance
And from behind us
We see them now

It is.

Carried along by the swift
And the strong
We. Move. Forward.

We drift
Towards our goal

The harvest overtakes us
Our sweat is rain
That showers us

To Victory’s End !