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Pre-launch: My third published book is now in pre-launch ! The Via Crucis Via Lucis, The Way of the Cross The Way of the Light is a 28 day devotional that walks through the death and resurrection of Jesus – perfect for reflection and renewal during the Easter period.
During pre-launch, take advantage of the special pricing discounts available on Amazon and Google Play/Books.
22-28 Nov $6 USD
29-5 Dec $7 USD
6-12 Dec $8 USD
13-19 Dec $9 USD (this will be the final price of the digital product.)
The softcopy paperback version is expected for release in early December 2023, with an RRP $18 USD and will be available online or in stores (through a distribution outlet.)

Brother Brad’s Passion

Brother Brad’s passion is to inspire and educate you about the Bible, and it’s his hope and prayer that you will draw closer to Jesus Christ.

His writings and educational material provide depth of insight and revelation that you make get a deeper understanding of the gospel.

He adapts his writing style to suit different audiences – with a broad range and mixture of style that is adapted to meet any audience.

Take your time to stroll through the website, sign up for the newsletter, and locate books of interest that may appeal to you.

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