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bradIntroducing Brother Brad

Brother Brad Smith is a Christian author and creative writer, with a passion for theology ‘made simple’.

His nick-name came about when he was attending his sister’s church in Brisbane, who introduced him to all her friends with, ‘This is my brother, Brad’. It was an unintended side effect, but Brother Brad has stuck ever since!

Brother Brad has a desire to know Jesus intimately. Raised in conservative mainstream churches, he longed to engage with the living God that he’d read so much about in the Bible. This led him on a quest to hear God’s voice and to dare to take God at His Word.

Through extraordinary revelation – and trials – God has shown Brad that faith in Jesus is the only real way to make it through the paths of life. As such, his writings, songs, poems and theological revelations provide insight and depth of teaching that is bringing people into a closer relationship with Jesus.

Brother Brad has a Diploma in Ministry & Theology from Harvest Bible College, and Bachelor Degrees in Engineering and Arts.