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Who is Brother Brad Smith?

Brother Brad Smith is an Aussie Christian writer, and is developing books for release on Amazon Kindle, Apple iBooks and Google Play Books. Here are the titles that he is working on, or have released.

Please use the Contact Form to get in touch with Brother Brad for book launches, speaking dates and educational materials.

Via Crucis Via Lucis: The Way of the Cross The Way of the Light
The Via Crucis Via Lucis, The Way of the Cross The Way of the Light is a 28 day devotional that walks through the death and resurrection of Jesus – perfect for reflection and renewal during the Easter period.
During pre-launch, take advantage of the special pricing discounts available for the digital ebook on Amazon and Google Play/Books.
29 Nov – 5 Dec $7 USD
6-12 Dec $8 USD
13-19 Dec $9 USD (this will be the final price of the digital product.)
The softcopy paperback version is expected for release in early December 2023, with an RRP $18 USD and will be available online or in stores (through a distribution outlet.)

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Kingdom Prayer Creed

Take a fresh look at the Lord’s Prayer, not just recite it like a television soap commercial.

Jesus taught his disciples this prayer specifically for believers to engage with the Father and expect the advancement of the Kingdom.

Once we learn how to pray and engage with God our Father in the heavenly realms then our prayers become more focused and powerful, resulting in the expansion of the Kingdom of God.

Seeing Through Their Eyes

Have you ever wondered what it might be like to see from the perspective of the people in the Bible when the events were taking place?

This book is a small compilation of stories, poems and prose that help us “see” what people were thinking and feeling at the time of Jesus, and include Judas Iscariot, Simon Peter and Paul’s sister.

Each story is unique – and when read in conjunction with the Biblical Word it is intended to enhance your connection with the characters that are presented in the Bible from a unique perspective.

Prayer For Salvation

You don’t need to be a prayer warrior to pray for the salvation of others! But how often do we simply “hope” that God is listening to our prayers for our friends or family that we so desperately want to come into God’s kingdom, without really understanding the “mechanism” for salvation?

This little book is based on several passages of scripture that explain exactly what it takes to become a child of God. More importantly, it helps you to pray confidently for others because the promises in God’s Word can be taken as “Yes and Amen!”

The Warriors Wardrobe

Many sermons have been based around the pictorial assets of Ephesians 6, but many lack the connection of the wardrobe elements with our personal walk with Jesus.

This prayer guide enables you to examine your heart, putting off the things that are of this world, and putting on the things that will help you stand in the day of battle – strong in faith and purpose.

You can be confidently dressed in the power of the Lord and in His might when you are wearing the correct clothes.

The Gospel Blueprint

Most preaching of the Gospel is around the topic of “salvation”, however there is so much more to the gospel that God has accomplished for us in Christ Jesus.

This book focuses on the “nuts and bolts” of the gospel, drawn from my personal history and underpinned with revelation from the Holy Spirit into many passages of the Bible.

If you’ve been a Christian for 50 minutes or 50 years then you are sure to be challenged and motivated to become everything that God intended for you in Christ.

The Kingdom Blueprint

Jesus went around proclaiming the kingdom everywhere He went, and yet most churches aren’t aware of what the kingdom actually is.

This book introduces the revelation of the Kingdom of God, based on the Biblical text – but it steers away from a theological debate about the kingdom and instead offers a practical and challenging way to step into everything that Jesus taught about the Kingdom of God.

It is recommended that you read The Gospel Blueprint first, which lays the foundation of your Christian life – which is a requirement of stepping into The Kingdom Blueprint.

  • Free PDF Sample: Via Crucis Via Lucis: The Way of the Cross The Way of the Light, Brother Brad Smith

  • Via Crucis Via Lucis: The Way of the Cross The Way of the Light