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bronwynDavid: The Shepherd

The Lord is my shepherd, I have never been in need.

He has always provided green pastures, and I am rested.

He has led me to streams of refreshing, life-giving water that has restored my soul.

For the sake of His Name, He has guided me in the paths of righteousness, for which I am grateful.


Even though I have been walking through death’s dark vale,

I have not been afraid, for You Lord have been with me.

Your rod of discipline and your staff of direction have comforted me, keeping me on straight and narrow paths.


I have come to a beautiful table that You have set before me.

My head is anointed with oil, and my face with perfume.

My cup has overflowed from Your generous hand.

You have blessed me with goodness and love all my days.


Now Lord, I have come to live in Your house, forever.



  • This is a personalisation of Psalm 23, for my Aunty Brownyn (shown pictured) who passed away on 7 July 2014.
  • Originally retrieved from the NIV Version of the Bible.
  • Permission is granted to use this work, please acknowledge Brother Brad as the author.